New ‘Force’ powers and also a Strength chart

Hello folks,  I set a goal for myself to provide some kind of new material at least once a week, so I apologize for the delay.  I’ve been re-thinking how we balance the Powers in a Power-Set after the excellent play-testing at Gateway.

As a result, I have updated the Force power-set.

Additionally, I’ve added a brand new Strength chart, which also includes some rules about lifting and carrying very heavy things, AND how to use found objects as weapons.  Does your hero want to grab a small car and throw it at the villain?  Here’s how!

Finally, I’ll be at Con-volution over the 1st weekend of October!  I’ll run a few sessions of The Hero Instant, and I’ll also be presenting a game-design workshop!  Fun!  If you’re near San Francisco, come on down!

Thank you, Gateway and Players!

I had a great time this weekend, running THI for some truly terrific players at Gateway (Strategicon)!  I got some great feedback and now I want to adjust ALL the powers.  I’ll also be posting the some of the characters that the players created and played.  More soon, but now I need to sleep.

The Hero Instant at Gateway 2015

Look at all the fun that was had!

Gateway 2015

And even more fun!

Mostly, I am just very, very grateful to Strategicon and to the players that made my weekend so fun!

– Andy A

Gateway (Strategicon) This Weekend!

Just a reminder that I’ll be at Gateway (Strategicon) in LA over Labor Day weekend running The Hero Instant.  My time slots are:

  • Friday the 4th:  2pm – Episode 1
  • Friday the 4th:  8pm – Episode 1
  • Saturday the 5th:  9am – Episode 2
  • Saturday the 5th:  2pm – Episode 1
  • Sunday the 6th: 9am – Episode 1
  • Sunday the 6th: 2pm – Episode 2
  • Monday the 7th: 9am – Episode 3

Cheers! – Andy A.

New Power-Set: Surfing!


Hot on the heels of Warping, we give you Surfer!

Surfing super-heroes are any that stand up to ride, or slide along, something that they might be knocked off of.  It might be goblin-themed glider, a cosmic surfboard, or a bridge made out of ice.

Many thanks to Jeff for playtesting this Power-Set recently.  It was one of the earliest ones I wrote, but it needed some love.

Remember, you can find me running games of this at Gateway in Los Angeles over Labor Day weekend.  Come by and play!