Prepping for Gateway!

Hello again, in preparation for Gateway (LAX Hilton, Labor Day weekend), I’ve been updating some of the powers (Monster, Size & Shape, Earth, Animal) and also modifying and simplifying a type of power that I am now calling a ‘Helper’ power.

A Helper power is a power that gives you another character of some kind that works along with your Hero.  It might be an animal friend, a robot, a Detective on the police force, or an elemental creature you can summon.  All of these, I realize now, are variations of the same basic thing – someone (or something) that will do stuff for you.

Each of the ‘Helper’ powers is different and unique, but from a game-design perspective, they needed to be considered and balanced together.  Check out the rules for how to create these ‘Helper’ characters, and see some ‘Helper’ characters examples and basic animal examples.  let me know if it makes sense to you.


Andy A

Prepping for Gen-Con!

Hello folks,

In preparing for Gen-Con, I wanted to re-write the Hero Trait Drama Trait section of the rules and character creation sections.  The changes are not big – mostly a different angle on Drama Traits to better describe how they are meant to be used.

In doing this, I realized the that I had never actually posted a section about Drama Traits in the rules.  They were mentioned in Character Creation, but they are important enough to ALSO have their own rules page.  Here it is!  Drama Traits & Drama Tokens

By re-writing that section, I also needed to update the Character Creation document, too, to make sure it matched.  Done!

See you at Gen-Con!

GM’s Needed!

Hey folks,

One of the biggest risks for me as a game-designer is that I make a game that is only fun while I am the GM.   That is not my goal!  I want to make a game that is easy for anyone to have fun running and playing.

So, in order to make this the greatest Super-hero RPG ever, I need to find brave GM’s willing to run adventures and tell me what my game is lacking.  Maybe that GM is YOU!

Today, I’ve posted the adventure and the 6 pre-generated (pre-gen) characters that I used at Gen Con.   It’s a 2-hour adventure, so not a big commitment.   Try it out, and let me know how it goes.  I want to hear the good and the bad.  What was confusing?  What did people like, What did they not like?  What critical piece of information did I fail to give you, the GM?   Email me at the address below.

And thank you!!