Gen Con was AMAZING!

A giant Thank You to all the people who came out and tried The Hero Instant in the First Exposure Play-test Hall!  I ran a 2-hour session 5 times there (and one more time for some friends), and all the feedback is SO useful.  Thank you so much!  I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Next up!  Fantastic Four opens today, and so I think my first task is to finalize the Earth / Stone Power-Set and add it to the list.  That way, if someone were to want to create those characters in this game, one could do so.

Here’s how I’d do it:

Maybe they should ALL get at least one level of Science?  How would YOU make them?


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Andy Ashcraft is the designer of many games, but most importantly, THIS ONE! He lives in Los Angeles with an iguana and a stand-comic who he married. She can be seen here: and heard on her podcast, The Dork Forest.
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