GM’s Needed!

Hey folks,

One of the biggest risks for me as a game-designer is that I make a game that is only fun while I am the GM.   That is not my goal!  I want to make a game that is easy for anyone to have fun running and playing.

So, in order to make this the greatest Super-hero RPG ever, I need to find brave GM’s willing to run adventures and tell me what my game is lacking.  Maybe that GM is YOU!

Today, I’ve posted the adventure and the 6 pre-generated (pre-gen) characters that I used at Gen Con.   It’s a 2-hour adventure, so not a big commitment.   Try it out, and let me know how it goes.  I want to hear the good and the bad.  What was confusing?  What did people like, What did they not like?  What critical piece of information did I fail to give you, the GM?   Email me at the address below.

And thank you!!

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Andy Ashcraft is the designer of many games, but most importantly, THIS ONE! He lives in Los Angeles with an iguana and a stand-comic who he married. She can be seen here: and heard on her podcast, The Dork Forest.
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