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Hello and welcome to The Hero Instant!EmailMe

If you’ve ever wanted to fly, cling to the walls or shoot blasts of fire from your hands, this is the table-top RPG for you!

The Hero Instant is a new Super-Hero RPG featuring cinematic super-hero action, quick and simple character creation, descriptive Hero and Drama traits, in-game character progression, and a novel time-keeping track and initiative mechanic.   The game is designed for both novice and experienced role-playing gamers.  Best of all, it’s FREE!  Browse through the website and send me any questions or concerns you have in any of the comments sections.  I’m eager for feedback.

About Andy

Andy Ashcraft is the designer of many games, but most importantly, THIS ONE! He lives in Los Angeles with an iguana and a stand-comic who he married. She can be seen here: www.JackieKashian.com and heard on her podcast, The Dork Forest. www.TheDorkForest.com

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