The Gen Con Pre-generated Characters

These 6 Heroes are the characters I created for the 2-hour demos I ran at the First Exposure Playtest Hall at Gen Con.

  • AnimusAn ice monster!
  • BioA biological healer and shape-shifter!
  • Night SkyWith flight and darkness powers!
  • Rooster XA Moto-cross daredevil with telekinetic powers!
  • Shaolin FastFastest fists and feet in the west!
  • SubtletyA 35-foot tall suit of alien armor!

The 2-hour adventure is posted up in the ‘GM’ section of the site.

I’d love for someone (besides me!) to run the adventure and tell me how it goes.  Feedback is HIGHLY appreciated!

Btw, ‘Subtlety’ was a Hero initially created by Matt K. in one of my play-tests.  I’d love to see the Heroes you make, too.  Send ’em my way, and I’ll post them up here.

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