New Movement Rule: Dash

Here’s a new Movement rule to try:

Currently, as a Move Action, you can move up to a number of spaces = your Movement score.  A space is about 5 feet / 2 meters.

You may also, if you like, roll dice = your Movement score, total the result and move 1 space for every 5 in your total.   That is, divide the total of your roll by 5, and move up to that many spaces.  There is a slight advantage to roll the dice, but does add some risk.

New Rule: Dash

You may, as part of a Move Action, choose to;

  1. spend a Hero Point to move three more spaces (or roll 3 more dice).    And/Or
  2. give the GM a Drama Token to double your Movement score for this Action.

If you do both, first multiply, then add.  That is, if your Movement score = 4, you could spend a Drama Token to make it an 8, and then you can spend a Hero Point to add 3 spaces (or dice) for a total of 11 spaces to move (or 11 dice to roll).

This does not change the rule that 20 spaces is the maximum ‘tactical movement’.  20 spaces is as fast as you can move and still interact with stationary targets.  If you’re interacting with a moving target, you can move 20 spaces faster than the target and still interact with it.

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