Using Progression Tokens

The Hero Instant Progression Token

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This is one way to get extra power for some critical roll you need to make.  It is also the way that your Hero progresses and gets more powerful the longer you play.

At the start of the game, after your character has been created, the GM will give each player a single Progression Token.  You will get another Progression Token at the start of each Game session AND also whenever you complete some major milestone in an adventure, like defeating a major villain or rescuing the villagers.

As a player, you can use a Progression Token to gain a Power for your Hero that the character does not yet have.  It must not be more than 1 Level higher than the highest level your character already has.  That is, if your character has 5 Levels in ‘Fire’ Powers, you can gain a Level 6 power or lower.  You only gain one use of the power, so make it count!  (A use always lasts exactly one Action.)   Your Token is returned to the GM who writes down the Power Level that was used with it.

The next time you use a Progression Token, you can choose to use it for the same Power or for another power that fits the requirements.  There is no restriction.  However, if the same Power is activated via Progression Tokens a certain number of times, your character gains full access to that Power.  It should be added to your character sheet in the next available space on your list of Powers.  Your character can now use it with no limitations and future Progression Tokens can be used for other, even higher-level Powers.

The number of times a Power needs to be used with Progression Tokens (or ‘Pushed’) before it is gained permanently is set by the GM at the beginning of a campaign, and can be public information or secret information.  The GM might want a game in which character progression is slow, and so that number might be high.  Or, perhaps the game is about players just learning about their powers, and so the number of time a power is ‘Pushed’ could be very low, allowing them to build their characters quickly over a few game sessions.

Again, you do not need to use Progression Tokens on the same power every time.  It might make more story sense to use a Push token on one power in one game, and on another power in the next game.  Your character can be ‘working on’ several new powers at the same time.

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