New ‘Force’ powers and also a Strength chart

Hello folks,  I set a goal for myself to provide some kind of new material at least once a week, so I apologize for the delay.  I’ve been re-thinking how we balance the Powers in a Power-Set after the excellent play-testing at Gateway.

As a result, I have updated the Force power-set.

Additionally, I’ve added a brand new Strength chart, which also includes some rules about lifting and carrying very heavy things, AND how to use found objects as weapons.  Does your hero want to grab a small car and throw it at the villain?  Here’s how!

Finally, I’ll be at Con-volution over the 1st weekend of October!  I’ll run a few sessions of The Hero Instant, and I’ll also be presenting a game-design workshop!  Fun!  If you’re near San Francisco, come on down!

About Andy

Andy Ashcraft is the designer of many games, but most importantly, THIS ONE! He lives in Los Angeles with an iguana and a stand-comic who he married. She can be seen here: and heard on her podcast, The Dork Forest.

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