Each of the Power Sets is a list of super-powers that fit a theme.  The theme might be ‘Fire’ or ‘Armor’ or ‘Size and Shape’.  Each Power Set also has one or more Basic Ability adjustment which increases or sometimes decreases one of your Basic Ability scores, listed above.

The complete list of Power-Sets can be found along the side-bar to the right, or by clicking/tapping here.

Generally, each super-hero will have powers from TWO different Power-Sets, but it is not uncommon to have heroes with all their powers from one Power Set, or to have a mix of three or more Power Sets.  For starting players, playing a standard super-powered game, I highly recommend limiting it to just two Power-Sets.  Mix-and-Match powers from these to make a Hero that’s fun to play!

The powers listed in each Power Set are broken into 10 levels of power.  The Level 1 powers are the most basic, and they get more powerful and specific at higher levels.

When creating you Hero, your GM will tell you how many Powers you can have total (we recommend a mid-level standard super-hero has 10 Powers).  You decide how to divide these 10 Powers between your Power Sets: maybe you want all 10 in one Power Set, or you want 7 in one and 3 in another, or 5 and 5, or even 4 and 3 and 3 in a third Power Set.  That is all fine.

Then you can pick Powers from each Power Set.  You have to select a 1st Level power before you select a second Power.  Your second Power can be a 2nd Level or a 1st level Power.  Some powers can be selected multiple times for more effect.  Your 3rd Power can be as high as a 3rd Level power, or it can be from a level lower than that.  If you chose to have 5 levels in this Power Set, you cannot have any power higher than Level 5.

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