Updated 2015-07-27

As a Super-scientist, you have a vast amount of knowledge at your fingertips.  Science also includes access to the laboratories, libraries and other people’s research.  What a Scientist does not know, he can create an experiment to discover!

Comic-book Scientists also tend to be Engineers: they make their own equipment.  For all Marvel’s talk about how Tony Stark is an ‘Engineer’ and Hank Pym is a ‘Scientist’, they both made powered suits to do their super-heroing in.  In the real world, their processes and goals would be different, but for our purposes, they are equivalent.

A final note about Super Science: it doesn’t tend to work for non-Super-Scientists.  This is why the only people in New York with a flying car are the Fantastic Four.

Download the Power-Set here:  Power-Science

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