Spy / Detective

Updated 2015-07-27

(Spies) There are a number of super-hero spies scattered through comic-book lore (The Black Widow may be the most famous now, due to the Marvel Movies), but the real tradition probably goes back to the pulp novels of the 20’s and 30’s. Spies have always been able to perform feats that ‘normal’ people would never be able to. Other games might consider these ‘skills’, but The Hero Instant doesn’t make that distinction.

(Detectives) Detectives are some of the oldest types of super-heroes: DC’s Bat-Man may be the most famous, but there are many others: The Question, Daredevil, Moon Knight and Roachmill. Even the agents of the BPRD, Hellblazer and the Dead Boy Detectives are examples, although they focus on super-natural elements, which is also an option here.

Download the complete POwer-Set here: Power-Spy / Detective

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