The Hero Instant at Gateway! (Labor Day weekend, Hilton LAX)

Hey kids!

Gen-Con was fun and I met some great new people and played some great new games, but now I’m happy to be back on home and running THI at Gateway again.  It was one year ago that I ran The Hero Instant for the first time here!

This year, I’m starting to get excited about Halloween, so I’ve concocted a two-part adventure featuring some classic monster-themed Heroes: a wolf-man, a zombie, a vampire, a lagoon-creature and an electrically revived flesh golem.  Monsters!  Heroes!  What will happen?!?

  • Friday (Sept 2)
    • 8pm-midnight:   The Shadow Heroes (Episode 1)
  • Saturday (Sept 3)
    • 9am-1pm:  The Shadow Heroes (Episode 1)
    • 8pm-midnight:  The Lair of Darkness (Episode 2)
  • Sunday (Sept 4)
    • 9am-1pm:  The Shadow Heroes (Episode 1)
    • 2pm-6pm:  The Lair of Darkness (Episode 2)

Of course, as with all The Hero Instant games, you do not need any experience or special equipment.  However, if you have played at Strategicon before, I will bring your prior characters back if you want to play your own character instead of one of the pre-generated characters.  (That is, unless you took your character with you.  In that case, feel free to bring it with you.)

I look forward to seeing you there!

Andy A

About Andy

Andy Ashcraft is the designer of many games, but most importantly, THIS ONE! He lives in Los Angeles with an iguana and a stand-comic who he married. She can be seen here: and heard on her podcast, The Dork Forest.

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